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We have a number of exciting new products being introduced at NAB 2011

Our ARRI Alexa On-Board AC Mains Power Supply is probably the most exciting because it is so new. We mount mechanically to the Gold Mount or V-Mount on the camera, but we plug directly into the 2-pin Fisher, providing 28V DC for the camera. The Power supply weighs less than 3 pounds and is no larger than a medium sized on-board battery. It provides 250 watts, which is nearly twice what the camera and accessories might draw and it can operate at any voltage from 100-260VAC.

     We’re working on a secondary option for the Power Supply, which is a “sidecar” that provides two 14.4V outlets and two 28V outlets. Combined with the one 12V and two 24V on the camera already, it would be hard to think we don’t give enough power options! We will be delivering Alexa OB Power Supplies later this spring.

yoke mount



Next in the line-up is our new Monitor Yoke Mount for the brand new Panasonic BT-LH910 monitor. We’re delighted that Panasonic asked us to develop this unit in advance of production of the monitor. NAB is the first public showing of the monitor and our accessories. Deliveries will begin this month.




TV logic




We also have a small Yoke Mount for the new TV Logic VFM-056W 5.6” monitor. The monitor weighs only ½ pound and our Monitor Yoke Mount is sized for this small, powerful monitor. These units are currently in stock.






Alura Lense Carry Handles

Finally, we are showing our long awaited Arri Alura Lens Carry Handles. These follow in the line of our Angenieux and Fujinon Carry Handles. They are specifically designed for the two Alura lenses (18-80mm and 45-250mm). They are designed to accommodate lens motor systems. Deliveries will begin late in April.








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Leader 5330 Scope/Monitor Yoke Mount
January 2011: We have a new member of the Monitor Yoke Mount family. This one is for the Leader 5330 Scope/Monitor. A number of rental houses are using this monitor with their Alexa cameras and our system (the Yoke plus our Alexa Arm) are the perfect match for that application. This yoke requires the fanless, ventilated rear housing for the monitor (available from Leader USA), and we need to install a series of PEM nuts into the sides of the housing. The yoke allows the monitor to be mounted onto any baby spud (5/8") or the receiver can be easily removed and the yoke attached to any 1/4x20 threaded boss.
60mm & 100mm Macro lenses
December 2010: We shipped four newly converted 60mm & 100mm Macro lenses to a client in Asia. After an absence on the market of several years, OppCam is again converting Zeiss Contax Macro lenses to PL mount. With the growth of cameras like the RED and ALEXA and the expected growth of cameras like the Panasonic AF100 and Sony F3, we anticipate growing need for these lenses.
Oppenheimer Camera Products at the Band Pro One World Open House in Burbank
December 2010: I was able to meet with many of our clients at the Band Pro event in the LA area and show our newest products, like the expanded line of Monitor Yoke Mounts.
OppCam Exhibits at 2010 Cinec Show in Munich
September 2010: OppCam exhibited at the 8th Cinec in Munich, our 8th time participating in the show. We met with a worldwide audience and, once again, found great interest in our products. It is always a wonderful experience to return to Cinec.
Angenieux Endorsed OppCam Carry Handles
September 2010: Angenieux announced that their choice of the OppCam Carry Handles for the Optimo 24-290mm and Optimo 17-80mm as the preferred carry handles for these lenses.
New OppCam On-Camera Monitor System for ENG and Alexa
Fall 2010: are several OppCam brackets for using small LCD monitors on ENG and Alexa cameras, both as on-camera viewfinders (ie studio viewfinders) or as assistant’s monitors. The on-camera systems utilize the unique OppCam “Pivel” mount which allows multi-axis movement of the monitor. There is also a simple Alexa monitor mount for our various small LCD monitor yokes.
OppCam and Marshall announce new monitor Yoke Mount for Marshall 3D
August 2010: OppCam and Marshall announced the new OppCam monitor Yoke Mount for the new Mashall 24" 3D monitor. Like all OppCam yokes, it attaches simply and easily to the Marshall monitor and allows mounting to a baby or junior light stand. OppCam also has a new Yoke Mount for the TV Logic 24" monitor.